[VERTAALD] Empty Stomach

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[VERTAALD] Empty Stomach

Berichtdoor Ester » za 24 jun, 2006 22:42

Hi Tom,

Another writer says that it takes 20-24 hours after a large meal for the stomach to be empty

Is that true? We think it should be 12-15 hours.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Empty Stomach

Berichtdoor Tom Lonsdale » wo 28 jun, 2006 15:09

Hi all,

Thanks for the message.

Stomach clearance time is variable and dependent on the texture and digestibility of the food. So a large meal of just intestines and meat, the sort that wolves eat first when gorging on prey, gets digested quickly and voided fairly soon after that. More fibrous cartilagenous bony food takes longer to pass through the stomach. I don't have range of figures immediately available.

Regardless of stomach emptying times final voiding of faeces takes place under voluntary control. So that may occur within a few hours to a couple of days later depending on circumstances.

This stomach/bowel transit time is not so important except to junk food makers with their desire to lessen the adverse impact of their junk food and thus experiment with different fibre sources.

It's also of consequence when assessing diseases of stomach and intestines. We use barium meals or tablets to assess the passage of ingesta, but this has medical interest only.

Maybe you can do a Google or PUBMEd search for figures. But if I were you I would not attach much importance to this.

Best wishes,


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