[VERTAALD] One day old chicks

Vraag & antwoord 26 t/m 29 juni 2006.

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[VERTAALD] One day old chicks

Berichtdoor Ester » za 24 jun, 2006 22:51

Hi Tom,

Here I am again :mrgreen: . We always have a discussion on this forum about one day old chicks. (we as cat owners and ferret owners)

Could you consider it as a whole prey? Has it good nutritional value?
If you compare it with other preys? For example a mouse?

Could you give one day old chicks a few times a week without problems? Could you consider it as a "complete meal" if you give your cat a few? Or do you consider it more as a "snack"?

Thanks again,

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Re: [question] One day old chicks

Berichtdoor wendy » za 24 jun, 2006 23:19

Ester schreef:Here I am again :mrgreen: . We always have a discussion on this forum about one day old chicks. (we as cat owners and ferret owners)

I am one of those people :mrgreen:

I consider day-old-chicks a healthy snack, but in my humble opinion the muscle meat and organs are not as nutritious as a whole prey animal should be. And a very important argument why I wouldn't want to let this make out a big part of my cats' and ferrets' diet -with some people I know, 50% of their cat's diet are day-old-chicks- is that I think it doesn't contain enough calcium, in comparison to full-grown prey animals.
I compare this with a pinkie (baby mouse) versus an adult mouse, the latter is also much more nutritious than the former.

"A certain author" also considers eggs a whole prey animal, because they are "a chicken-to-be" as he describes... But then again, isn't grass a cow-to-be? :mrgreen: I'm probably more or less the opposite, and I guess I consider day-old-chicks more or less as overripe eggs :wink:

I'm looking forward to hear your opinion on this!

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Re: [question] One day old chicks

Berichtdoor Tom Lonsdale » di 27 jun, 2006 22:05

Hi Ester and all,

Very good that you are using day old chicks. What they lack in nutritional quality and chewy texture they make up for by being cheap and once you find a good source, easy to obtain.

As you suggest I would feed day old chicks some of the time and mice, rats, rabbits, fish etc as well.

Well done.


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