Herbs for healthy dogs??

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Herbs for healthy dogs??

Berichtdoor Sandra » za 22 jul, 2006 08:10

Dear Mrs. De Baïracli Levy,

I am very interested in your opinion about the following matter.
Is their any need to supplement herbs on healthy dogs?
Not daily, but just a few times a week.
For example; my dogs get a teaspoon of seaweed 1 or 2 times a week (like Billinghurst suggests this should be the 'best' if you want to supplement) and some nettle. It is said those herbs contain the best vitamines and minerals to make the total immune system stronger.
Also seaweed contains minerals like selenium and zinc, which maybe is not enough to find in the raw meat diet.
What is a 'healthy dog'? My dogs are healthy, very healthy now on the raw food diet. But one dog still has some problems with his digestion function. I believe he takes benefit out of supplementing herbs.
Is that an unhealthy dog, so it is allright then for supplementing herbs?
I have some difficulties with using the line 'healthy dogs do not need......' The most dogs on kibble were not 'healthy' when they began the raw meat diet.
And dogs do get a lot of things out of nature, that's totally true.
Seaweed or weed out of the lake are one of them, next to roots of young trees in the water and bark.

Thank you for responsing.

Great to have you here on this board.

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*Special Guest*
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Berichtdoor 3dogs » za 29 jul, 2006 15:14

Hello Sandra,

herbs are not supplements, they are part of a natural diet. ALL wild animals eat herbs and wild plants regularly, wild canines eat the intestines of their prey, filled with these plants and herbs. Also, wild canines will eat herbs of their own accord, and if allowed will cure themselves of many a disease.

A healthy dog is one that is resists disease, or rather has the strength to deal with disease on it's own through fasting and eating herbs or others helpful things (earth, coal). A healthy dog has a good appetite, is sound in mind and body, has a glossy coat, a bright eye and a keen mind.


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