Herbs againts internal parasites?

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Herbs againts internal parasites?

Berichtdoor Sella » za 22 jul, 2006 12:37

Dear Mrs de Baïrcali Levy,
My dog is 16 months old and has had a difficult start whit his health.
He is much better but a symptom that stil lasts is that he is not be able to get a normal amount of worms inside his digestive system.
Are there herbals I can give him to help to overcome this problem?
He is having pumkinseeds that I made to powder over his food for two weeks now I read somewhere that it is a good remedy to help stay clean of worm infections. He is also given some garlic.
Kind regards, Sella

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Berichtdoor 3dogs » za 29 jul, 2006 15:15

Hello Sella,

use a course of internal cleansing as described in my books. Add sage to his food as well as other parasite deterrents such as coconut, wormwood, garlic. And most important: a NATURAL diet !!!


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P.S. Swanie : the internal cleansing (fasting/herbs) works very well. I have cured many dogs with the same problem using this method

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