Tea tree

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Tea tree

Berichtdoor Gast » za 22 jul, 2006 23:49

Dear Mrs. De Baïracli Levy,

Thank you for visiting our internet discussion list! It's great to have you here.

I have the following question.

One can read on the internet that tea tree oil is poisonous to cats if you put it on their skins or furs.

Do you think that's true?
Can we treat cats with tea tree oil if we need to?

Can we use it if it's diluted only? And if so, with what kind of substance should we mix it?

We now use tea tree oil in an evaporator (as you can see below), whenever they sneeze or seem to have caught a cold. ;-)

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Kindest regards.

*Special Guest*
*Special Guest*
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Berichtdoor 3dogs » za 29 jul, 2006 15:19


I would not use tea tree oil in any form on any living thing - I do not like it.


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P.S. Swanie: you must always be very careful with any essential oils on cats - they react very sensitively to essential oils. I would NOT recommend tea tree oil for cats.

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