Preventing cancer

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Preventing cancer

Berichtdoor Gast » ma 24 jul, 2006 17:45

Dear Mrs. De Baïracli Levy,

My first dog Nikki died of cancer.

She was 3 years old when she died. It started with a tumor in her knee, her leg was amputated, after 7 months she also had cancer in her other legs and probably in her organs, so said the vet. He told me before the amputation of her leg that this was her prognosis, and unfortunately he was right. He said she would die within a year and so she did; I put her to sleep, there was no other way.

I know bone-cancer is very agressive and even for humans there are little options/curing is difficult/a low life expectancy can be expected.

Is there any herb that is known for preventing cancer in general? By that I mean not just for bone-cancer, but for cancer in general. Because I expect preventing bone-cancer is even more difficult.

Thank you in advance.

Kindest regards,


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*Special Guest*
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Berichtdoor 3dogs » za 29 jul, 2006 15:22

Hello Marieke,

you have a lovely name. A healthy diet of whole, fresh organic foods and a simple lifestyle are surely the best protectants against any disease including cancer. Herbs should be a part of any diet, human or canine. Good herbs for cancer preventative and curative are water cress, sage and cat's claw.


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P.S. Swanie: any adaptogen would be a good cancer preventative. Nettles are an adaptogen.

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Berichtdoor cattystyle » za 29 jul, 2006 15:53

Thank you for the compliment, Mrs. De Baïracli Levy :oops: I really appreciate it.

Thank you also for your answer, this helps a lot!

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