[QUESTION] Dogs, feeding on reptiles.

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[QUESTION] Dogs, feeding on reptiles.

Berichtdoor Jelmer » do 01 nov, 2007 22:30

Hello Mogens,

A few months ago there was a thread on this forum about a dog in Africa who catches a lizard ones in a while.
I assume that as long as a species of reptile is non-venoumous and it doesn't have any spines or other sharp shapes in its body, it can't do any harm.
I wonder about your opinion about this and also wonder if you know of any proof of wild canines feeding on reptiles in the wild.



*K9-Raw Food Specialist*
*K9-Raw Food Specialist*
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Berichtdoor Mogens Eliasen » za 10 nov, 2007 09:24

Hi Jelmer,

Wolves feed on snakes and reptiles, when they can catch them. I don't see why dogs shouldn't.

But, as with all this, we cannot really know, when it comes down to the individual dog!

Mother Nature would not hesitate letting it. She would let it happen! And she would have no worries whatsoever about a few "dummies" being eliminated from the breeding stock of the species!

Letting Nature manage our dogs is cruel. But if we have experience to support us, then I really don't see why we should stop it!

It is a very tough issue, and it pertains to everything "food". If you want a lengthy and detailed discussion of it, then you will find it in "The Wolf's Natural Diet - a Feeding Guide for Your Dog?" (also available in Dutch), but the short story is that YOU have to make your decisions on this. And you have to accept that, with the "protected" breeding we have exposed your dogs to through so many years and generations, there is NO guarantees that "returning to Nature" is safe. For dogs in general, sure! But for YOUR dog?????? That YOUR responsibility... If the dog's natural properties are too much "out of tune", then you should at least consider NOT BREEDING it - but you do not have to be as cruel as Nature, who will just let it die a horrible death.

As DOG OWNER, you have to be careful. But as BREEDER, you SHOULDN'T!!!!

No fun. Tough ethics here....
Mogens Eliasen

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