[QUESTION] Frozen prey

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[QUESTION] Frozen prey

Berichtdoor Zombie » vr 02 nov, 2007 13:26


I feed my four ferrets raw prey since april this year, and they do wonderfull on their new diet.

But sometimes I miscalculate on how much time a prey needs to defrost, and the ferrets get a bit frozen prey.

Im not fond of the fact that it happens sometimes, but can it do any harm to my ferrets? Is eating 'frozen' prey in any way dangerous or so for my animals?

Thank you for your response.
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Berichtdoor Mogens Eliasen » za 10 nov, 2007 08:09

Hi there (again a name missing...)

I don't believe it makes much difference. The energy it takes to thaw the food in the stomach is less than 1% of the total chemical energy in the food.

Besides, do you think the Inuit people in northern Canada and Greenland care to thaw the food for their dogs in the winter?

Mink is closely related to ferrets, and I can tell you that mink in northern Canada do not have any problems with frozen food.

I wouldn't worry, unless you experience a specific problem. These carnivores will vomit food that is no good for them. And a little runny stools are nothing to worry about. it is just an indication that this food is unusual.
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