[QUESTION] Whole prey for cats

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[QUESTION] Whole prey for cats

Berichtdoor *Robin* » za 03 nov, 2007 11:59

Dear mister Eliasen,

First I would like to thank you for visiting our forum and for your time!

I feed my cats whole prey. The things they eat are: Mice, one day old chicks, hamster, quails, doves and gerbils. Not very often they eat minced beef and pieces of chicken. Maybe once a month.

Some people say that only whole prey is not enough, specially prey that is bred by humans. Only wild prey should have enough vitamins and minerals to keep a cat healthy alive.

Is that true in your opinion?

And how do you feel about feeding fish from the sea to a cat? Things like salmon, mackerel and tuna?

Thanks in advance,

Groetjes Robin, Bailey, Roxy en Puk

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Berichtdoor Mogens Eliasen » za 10 nov, 2007 08:02

Hi Robin,

I am not an expert on cats, but MY cat does OK with a similar diet - and I would much rather give her THAT than any of that commercial crap!

My must say that I add a lot of wild mice - they are overall here - and when they go into the traps, they become cat food.

Fish, the same. My cat seriously prefers cod, tuna, salmon, trout, and bass over chicken and pork! But sardines and frog legs are untouched!

I think we need to respect this stuff. As I describe also in "Raw Food for Dogs", recent research (2005!) has shown that mammals produce a now identified chemical in the brain for every essential nutrient that is missing in the food - and that chemical functions like an appetite destroyer! This means that animals will not eat till full satiety on foods that are not adequate! At least not until they are assured that this is all they can get...

The opposite is also true: mammals will be ferocious about foods that DO contain something they are missing.

So, try some wild animals and check! Connect with some hunters - it could be worth it, for your peace of mind. Personally, I don't think the odds for a visible result are very great - but I can't tell for sure, as this has NEVER been diligently researched. The opening I will keep for my escape from admitting "defeat" on this is that the statement COULD be true, as far as the minerals go! If this is the case, you can compensate a lot by using a relevant mineral supplement, if you have some idea of WHICH minerals could be missing. Finding out THAT is a cumbersome trial-and-error game, unless you have a small fortune to spend on having chemical analyses done of that food....
Mogens Eliasen

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