[QUESTION] Thickness of blood

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[QUESTION] Thickness of blood

Berichtdoor Bauke van Dijk » zo 11 nov, 2007 15:23

Dear dr. Eliasen

In a health topic here is a person with a dog who has, according to the veternarien, thick blood. According to him de dog needs to drink more.

My question is: is it possible that the "standard" of the thicknes of blood is wrong? Maybe because the "average" dog gets dry food and must drink a lot, the blood became thinner over the years. My dog also started drinking a lot less since te raw food diet. In my opinion it isn't a problem, because a mammel exist for 60/70% out of moist/water and so the dog is providing himself.

I know with humans you can see possible dehydration by the colour of the urine. The lighter, the better, wenn it's dark yellow/orange there is a dehydration problem. Can we apply the same "colours" to a dog?

I believe when a dog has unlimited access for fresh water, it will drink enough.

Thank you in advance,

Bauke van Dijk
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*K9-Raw Food Specialist*
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Berichtdoor Mogens Eliasen » zo 11 nov, 2007 22:04

Hi Bauke,

You are right IF the dog's natural instincts are all intact....

If NOT, you might not be right FOR YOUR PARTICULAR DOG...

That's the problem. You have no way of knowing ahead of time of it getting critical.

In "Raw Food for Dogs" I give a very lengthy example of how you calculate these things, particularly for dogs with kidney problems. Because this is the risk: too much stress of the kidneys. I also give references to where you can find more information about what analytical parameters are critical to know of, because they are different for raw-fed dogs than for kibble-fed dogs.

And you are right: modern vet standards refer to "normal" being a KIBBLE-FED dog! And those standards are often representing something UNHEALTHY!

You are not right because you make the same mistake as everybody else. "Average" is definitely NOT "optimal"!!!!

That kidney stress can be very much reduced by getting the dog to drink more water. Yes, a natural diet contains about 70% water, and dogs on such a diet generally have a much reduced need for water, compared to kibble-fed dogs that much drink a lot in order to compensate for the unnatural lack of water in their food.

You CANNOT use color alone to judge this, although your observation is correct, in general. Some natural foods result in almost no coloration of the urine...

But, the critical question that MUST be answered before you can get any meaningful information out of this is: WHAT EXACTLY DOES THE VET MEAN WHEN HE REFERS TO "THICK BLOOD"?

Which parameters have been analyzed - and what are the values? What is he basing that statement on?

If you PAID for the analyses, you have a right to get those answers! Preferably by getting a copy of the results the vet got from the lab.

IF he (what I have seen many times before) refers to an elevated BUN value, then he is plain simply wrong and ignorant to the fact that BUN values for kibble-fed dogs are only 2/3 of what they SHOULD be for A HEALTHY DOG! Because these dogs are serious deprived of protein, the main source of BUN. But increased BUN values are often taken as an indication of "kidney problems". I believe you can see how this leads to serious misdiagnosing for raw-fed dogs when dealing with an incompetent vet!

So, get those facts, and we can take it from there.



P.S. And, by the way - I know you are trying to be polite, which I appreciate - but I do not like titles... My parents called me Mogens (note, the "g" is almost silent, like a "voiced h"), and I honor that as my identity. To separate me from other people with the same name (it is not uncommon in Denmark), then, yes, add my family name also... But please don't put me into any kind of "social class"! We are all HUMANS, and I know many people with no formal education, whose knowledge I have far more respect for than what I hear from people who are officially stamped as "experts", including a very large number of "doctors".
Mogens Eliasen

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