[QUESTION] HD and food

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[QUESTION] HD and food

Berichtdoor Karin L. » do 15 nov, 2007 20:43

Hello Mogens,

My Rottweiler puppy of 8 months has got a heavy form of HD and
instabile joints.
The only treatment possible for him is anobolic steroids wich we will
start next week.
He is not too heavy for a normal puppy but considering his HD he has
to lose weight and go from a lean to a skinny dog.
My question is how to do that without causing a shortage.
I divided 3% of his bodyweight into 2 portions a day.
20% organs
20% bones
60% meat
I cut away the fat as much as possible.
No fasting days in between and a variety of 10 different kinds of meat.
Fish, 1 time every week.
2 Glucomasine tablets every day.
1 vitamine C 300mg every day
2 Rymadil 100mg (to slow down infection) every day.

* Are there any kinds of meat I`d rather not feed him in order for him
to lose weight?
* Can I feed him less without causing shortages?
* Is the menu I described above ok for a dog with HD or does it need
any special adjustments?
* Are there any supplements I could add to his diet that can help him
supporting his joints and if so, which?



Berichtdoor Janine » do 15 nov, 2007 21:11

Try a homeopathic medicine from VSM called Dysplavetsem
We've had great results with another product from VSM called Spondyvetsem (we have 2 dogs with spondylosis)....
Good luck, this must break your heart....

*K9-Raw Food Specialist*
*K9-Raw Food Specialist*
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Berichtdoor Mogens Eliasen » vr 16 nov, 2007 07:58

Hi Karin,

Well, that is no fun. I suggest you try what Janine suggests. The good news about homeopathic remedies is that they at least do no harm...

But I REALLY have a problem with what your vet suggests....

How is that diagnose made? With X-rays? There is no such thing as anyone being able to diagnose HD at that age!!!! And if you X-ray such a young dog, then you can be almost sure that it will GET HD!

Vitamin C supplementation does NOTHING to prevent HD - it only makes it worse!

And what does Glucosamin have to do with this? It supports development of CARTILAGE, not bone...

Rymadil is MADNESS! Do you want to know how many dogs are dead or crippled by that drug? By the way: WHAT INFECTION are we talking about?

WEIGHTLOSS IS RIDICULOUS! What you need is to BUILD MUSCLE MASS and STRENGTH! That is NOT compatible with weightloss, but will most likely involve WEIGHTGAIN - if you feed right and exercise right....

There are HERBS that support good joint development. I am sure you must have a reference to Juliette de Bairacly Levi's excellent book.

If not, then contact WOLLE'S NATURE System in Denmark - they speak English and can help you. Here is a reference: ... gelsk.html

Or check with Kammerer at

3% of his body weight is most likely way too much food - and you feed way too many meals... The poor thing is constantly starved and DYING for some food... You regulate the total amount of food through the NUMBER of meals per week, and you should feed maximum 6. But you have to do the transition gradually, over at least a month or two.

HD is caused by LACK of nutrients and excess carbohydrates, combined with too long breaks between periods of exercise (more than 8-10 hours rest). It is NOT caused or promoted by the dog being too heavy - who the hell taught that vet such BULLSHIT?

Other than that, I would make at least half of the meat become TRIPE.

And I would also consider adding some vegetables. Partially to help fill the stomach, partially to provide additional minerals that are not abundant in the meat, PARTICULARLY BORON AND VANADIUM - which are ILLEGAL to sell as food supplements in Europe because they WORK - but resolve to get them from USA if you cannot find vegetables with large amount of those two. I get mine from Puritan's Pride - - but be carefull - make sure you have it sent to a POBox and that there is no way for customs of seeing the correct label.... You have to SMUGGLE it in - if customs knows what it is, you will never get it!

Holy mackerel - you have some work to do.... :-(

I wish I could help you more...


Mogens Eliasen

Editor of "The Peeing Post" - for dog lovers who respect the dog's nature as domesticated wolf: Sign up at

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Berichtdoor Elvira » za 17 nov, 2007 13:58

Hi Mogens,

Which vegetables are rich in boron and Vanadium ?

Thanks in advance.


*K9-Raw Food Specialist*
*K9-Raw Food Specialist*
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Geregistreerd: di 06 nov, 2007 06:30

Berichtdoor Mogens Eliasen » ma 19 nov, 2007 05:25

Hi Elvira,

I can't tell you - because it varies A LOT with the soil those vegetables are grown in... The number I could get you from Canada would not have any value for you at all...

But there has to be some tables available, also in Nederland for what you can expect. I know the governments in the USA, Canada, Denmark, and Germany do it - so I would think you could find something similar in Nederland, also on-line. If not, then visit your library and ask the librarian! She will for sure be able to dig out a ton of references for you. I also suggest using Google and looking for the Dutch words for "mineral contents of foods", "chemical composition of foods", "nutrient contents of foods", or something similar. But do it in Dutch, not English!

A long-term solution could be to grow your own veggies and add boric acid and vanadyl sulphate as fertilizer! That will for sure give you what you need! But I don't think Karin should be waiting for growing season - it will be too late, if she dosen't get anything done before next summer...

But WOLLE's in Denmark might know. It could be worth a phone call or an e-mail... If you ask them, then do explain what the problem is: you want some natural herbal medicine (herbs) that promote development of strong ligaments and tendons to keep loose joints in place. I know WOLLE's supplied my late mentor Finn Smed with those, and I know that he was world-famous in all Denmark for being "the vet who cures HD". He didn't. HD is caused by INSUFFICIENT DEVELOPMENT of the hip socket, and he made no change to that. Once the growth of the bones has stopped, there is not way of accomplishing that, other than through miracles.

But what Finn did was that he got those dogs to develop such strong muscles, tendons, and ligaments around that loose joints that many very severe cases even could find their way to the top of the police dog competitions! And it is true that the VISIBLE symptoms of HD disappeared for the vast majority of dogs he treated this way. Sure, you could still see the problem ON X-RAYS - but who cares about that, other than breeders? If the dog doesn't, why should you?

The chemical elements Vanadium and Boron are quite rare in the soil, and they occur in many different minerals that are generally known to support these processes, but they are not alone about that. We know VERY LITTLE about this stuff - but we do know that lack of these minerals will destroy the healing process of damaged joints and ligaments. Adding them means removing at least one barrier to healing, and typically the most important one.

But I also know for sure that the myth about Finn as the "HD miracle vet" is not rumor but hard facts. Geez, I have SEEN those dogs - hundreds of them. And Finn was HATED by all other vets in Denmark!! But he canceled his membership of the veterinary association already in his first years of practice, so he was not obliged to do what made money for his colleagues...

The whole issue is a matter of not accepting going on the defense and just plan a slow death. When/if we cannot get the bone structure to develop as it should (because we fed too much, fed too many carbs, or used x-rays on a puppy or pregnant bitch), then we can and should do what we can to develop the body's own alternatives. And THAT is absolutely possible. But I know - it is not what very vets do.... or even know about...

I hope this help a little....

And for everybody else, please remember this: HD is completely AVOIDABLE if you will just STOP OVER-FEEDING those pups and ELIMINATE CARBS from the diet.

Get the proof from Kammerer, if you don't believe me. It is powerful, I tell you - and the kibble-industry will DIE, if all dog owners knew this! That's why they do everything they can to stop that information from getting out. And the Kennel clubs would suffer seriously too - because all their advertising money and bribe money would disappear too.... And the vets! If 99% of all skin problems can be avoided and cured when people "go raw" and the vast majority of all other diseases disappear when people stop the madness of over-vaccinating, "preventive medication" and kibble feeding, then veterinary hospitals will have to close BY THE THOUSANDS!!!!

Please understand this, folks! You are being controlled by MONEY. Not care for your dogs.


Mogens Eliasen

Editor of "The Peeing Post" - for dog lovers who respect the dog's nature as domesticated wolf: Sign up at

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