[ANSWERED] Diarreah

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[ANSWERED] Diarreah

Berichtdoor matzy » vr 20 feb, 2009 00:55

Hello Ian Billinghurst,

I breed Australian Shepherds and the puppy’s are fed BARF. My dogs gave birth three times and on all occasions I encountered the same problem.
When the puppies are around 6-7 weeks old, they suffer from diarreah. They don’t have any positive reaction to medicins and are not really ill. They don’t stop eating or drinking (they also keep drinking from the mother) and after something like six days the droppings suddenly look perfectly fine again.
My vet and I are confronted with a mystery. We really don’t understand what is causing this.
Is it possible that I’m doing something wrong? Or does it have something to do with the fact that the imunnesystem has to get started at this age and that this is a normal reaction to the bacteria in the meat?
Maybe I should change the menu by adding more certain types of meat?
In the past I was feeding my puppies prepacked grinded food and I didn’t have this problems.
I would like to hear your opinion about this.
Thanks in advance.



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Berichtdoor Dr. Ian Billinghurst » wo 25 feb, 2009 13:30

Hello Ricky,

Do you change their diet at this time? What exactly do you feed them? Without more details of your exact programme of 'BARF' feeding from weaning and on through this period, it would be difficult to say or make any sensible comment on what has been happening.


Berichtdoor matzy » wo 25 feb, 2009 13:36

Hello, no I did not change anything in their diet at that time. The eat chicken, fish, cow, horses, and rabbit and other wild animal meat, bones and organ in the normal proportions. I start to make it very small and than bigger and bigger and in that time they eat normal and is it not neccesary anymore to use the grinder for them.
It happens always around the 6-7 weeks.
When it is over the dogs (puppy's) have never ever diaree in their live.

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Berichtdoor Dr. Ian Billinghurst » vr 27 feb, 2009 14:48

A diet consisting of mostly meat (all protein, and very little fat) will lead to diarrhoea. Wild meat is very lean and the bone is usually much harder than domestic meat. Based on what you say, the diarrhoea may coincide with the pups finding it easy to fill up just by eating meat off the hard bone (not yet eating much bone) and now drinking less milk. If that is the case, consider doing what happens in the wild – when mum vomits up well chewed, food for the pups – in other words, ground bone and/or softer bone, more fat and less meat may well solve the problem.


Ian B

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