[ANSWERED] Additions to raw meaty bones menu

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[ANSWERED] Additions to raw meaty bones menu

Berichtdoor Jetje » zo 22 feb, 2009 16:13

Hello Ian,

I would like to thank you for your time.

The first question:
My dogs get a menu that is composed by my holistic vet. I mainly enter the meat of animals from the bio industrys, and therefore it is my veterinarian needed to supplement the diet with supplements as vitamin E, magnesium citrate, selenium, zinc etc. What is your opinion on this?
Second question:
I also feed my dogs in addition to meat even potatoes rice and vegetables. This would supplement the vitamins and minerals and make sure that not too much protein and fat in the menu is needed. So that the pancreas and kidneys not heavily taxed. (I have a labrador retriever of almost 10 years in which these bodies are weaker, she has eten kibble for 8 years). What is your opinion on this?

My sweet angels, Isabelle, Romy en Fleur

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Berichtdoor Dr. Ian Billinghurst » wo 25 feb, 2009 13:56

Hello Mariette,

This method of feeding is highly problematic because it is way out of line with the principles and philosophies of evolutionary nutrition, which are as follows...

“Evolutionary Nutrition is any Programme of Nutrition, which supplies the range and balance of foods, in an unprocessed and biologically appropriate form (usually whole and raw), a species of animal, has evolved to require, over millions of years of evolution.”

This definition leads us to the basic philosophy underpinning the Evolutionary Program of Nutrition; it states…

“When we supply an animal; with a programme of nutrition, that matches, equals or mimics the wide range of foods it evolved to require, and which is presented in a biologically appropriate form in terms of timing, amounts, balance and state [being unprocessed (whole) and raw]; that animal’s entire nutritional requirements are met.”

As you are aware, meat by itself is highly unbalanced; to attempt to balance the meat’s deficiencies by supplementing with various vitamins and minerals is fraught with nutritional danger. The whole point of evolutionary nutrition is to feed whole foods in evolutionary balance and form, this allows the miracle of evolution to solve the nutritional conundrum, without the necessity to supplement; otherwise, we are dealing with a nutritional puzzle, which science does not yet have the wit, the skill or the knowledge to solve – and almost certainly never will!

The question re supplementing the diet of an older dog with potatoes, rice and vegetables.
If you read the answers I have given re kidney disease and feeding older dogs, you will note I agree with you that we should dilute the diet of older dogs with vegetable material. However, I prefer not to use soluble carbohydrates such as potato and rice as they promote inflammation and feed cancer, which is perhaps the most problematic, insidious and horrendous problem of old age. My preference and strong recommendation is to use and recommend crushed raw vegetable material, which is in line with evolutionary norms and for a whole variety of reasons, with its unique and irreplaceable nutritional properties, is anti-cancer and anti-degenerative disease, including most particularly kidney disease.



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