Is the BARF diet a compromise?

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Is the BARF diet a compromise?

Berichtdoor michellerossi » ma 23 feb, 2009 19:50

I have noticed on all the "BARF" product websites that raw meaty bones are mentioned and encouraged, however, the emphasis is placed on the marketing of meat/ veggie and fruit pulp.

As a veterinarian, isn't it best to set an example by promoting a diet which is wholly appropriate for our carnivorous pets? I understand that the vast majority of veterinarians have been hoodwinked by the likes of Hills and Mars, but I cannot see how meeting them somewhere in the middle, effectively compromising, is the best thing for pets in general.

I understand also, the theory of providing a ready to feed, mince product in order to possibly entice more owners to feed "raw;" essentially using the product as a stepping stone. However, I would venture to speculate that perhaps these same owners who are willing to feed uncooked meats to their animals, may also be willing to feed a proper, whole foods diet if provided with sufficient information about raw meaty bones and whole prey. Why not give them the benefit of the doubt? Why not arm them instead with information and resources which will enable them to feed their carnivores as nature has truly intended?

As a respected veterinary professional, you have the platform already established in order to persuade pet owners to follow your advice. If anything, promoting a mince product sets 'us' back, and further instills the belief into the public that they lack the ability to properly feed their own animals. It also gives further credence to processed pet food products in general, IMO.

With all that we know to be true about the natural feeding of carnivores such as dogs, cats and ferrets, why is ground up meat, veggies and fruits being marketed as a proper, NATURAL diet?
I further wonder what it is that makes BARF mince products any different then the multitude of other pulverized meat and veggie pet foods?
Speaking of veggies, this also brings me to another question. I understand that you have been quoted as saying that veggies and fruits are a necessary part of the canine diet. Without seeing this paper, I cannot say if this was taken out of context, but is this really your view on the canine dietary requirements?
"Fruit and vegetables are an essential part of a dog’s diet. An essential part, not an optional part. Meat is optional, fruit and vegetables are not." (Canine Nutrition—A Point of View 1988)

I truly hope that I have not offended you with this inquiry. I would hope to come to a better understanding of how you have arrived at your feeding philosophy which you currently promote. I think that we all share similar concerns about the health and welfare of pet carnivores. At the least, I would certainly love to foster that belief and give it justification.

Michelle Rossi

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