[ANSWERED] Dog who had obstipation problems

Vraag & antwoord 23 t/m 26 februari 2009.

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[ANSWERED] Dog who had obstipation problems

Berichtdoor Yari » wo 25 feb, 2009 22:40

Dear Ian,

First of all thank you very much for visiting our forum and for the enthusiasm you answered our questions with.
I have some feeding questions about my Labrador retriever Yari. She`s 7 years old by now and had a hip joint basculation when she was 9 months old, because of HD.
I`m glad to say she`s doing very well, but about 1.5 year ago she suddenly developed constipation problems, while she has been fed raw for many years and had been eating little prey animals and fleshy bones, big pieces of meat and organs.
Never had a problem before, but all of a sudden she was really constipated after eating a part of a wild goose including feathers. Eventually, the defecation was removed under narcosis at a specialized clinic with the help of a scope. It turned out to be a very dry and hard turd, but dark brown and definitely not too much calcium in it. It probably became so dry because of the feathers.
Her hip joint turned out to be extremely narrow caused by the hip joint basculation, which in the end caused this problem. According to the vet a dog with a normal hip joint wouldn`t have had any problems to push this turd out.

The rumbling in her intestines probably caused scar tissue on the last part of her intestines, right before the hip joint and the peristalsis is probably less because of that.
Cause a little while later she got constipated again after eating an intact dove without feathers and some extra meat. Luckily I was able to solve that one myself rather easily but I`m terrified she will get constipated again.
So for a few months I fed her twice a day (instead of once a day), no more fasting days, the bones got grinded and with every meal I gave her psyllium fibres. I consulted all of this with a holistic vet.

After a few months I slowly got back to the way I was used to feed her: once a day and with whole preys and non-grinded meaty bones, big amounts of meat, organs, etc.
But always aproxximately the same amount of food with some psyllium fibres and/or some vegetables (mostly grinded). And not with al lot of tough bones or feathers and always with enough meat and no more fasting days.
Never had a problem again.

So, my question: What do you think that caused the obstipation problem 1.5 year ago?
And what's your opinion about my way of feeding now?
And do you have some other advices or recommandations?

By the way, I mostly feed her wild, think off duck, goose, hare, deer, dove, pheasant and also goat, lamb, quail, horse and limited cow and chicken.
In advance, I thank you very much for your help.

Mariëlle Verbrugge
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Berichtdoor Dr. Ian Billinghurst » vr 27 feb, 2009 14:55

Hello Mariëlle,

The rectum is an organ that dries faeces out, so if the faeces remains in the rectum for too long – it becomes very dry and hard to pass. From what you tell me, this is what happened and for all the reasons you mentioned. Since what you are doing has fixed the problem, my suggestion is to go with a saying which is very common in Australia – “If it aint broke, don’t fix it!” In other words, keep doing what you are doing!!

Best wishes
Ian B

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