Question about evolutionary diet

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Question about evolutionary diet

Berichtdoor Duffy » do 26 feb, 2009 19:26

Dear Mr. Billinghurst

In Your answer to Ester's question , You wrote that You are advocating an evolutionary diet. But what is that evolutionary diet ?

What parts, or tools in the entire body (as wel intern as extern) of the dog shows that it's evolved into a omnivouros animal ?

Can a package of minced meat-bones-vegetables be a evolutionary diet for any kind of animal who is evolving or evolved from a carnivore to an omnivore ? And so , if your answer is yes, what do you do with the health of the theet and the gums, one of the key factors in the overall health of the animal ?

Is evolving, and living a healthy live, from a scavenger-opportunistic-predator-meat-eater possible in such a short periode of time, 15.000 till maximum 100.000 years ?
Compare the carnvorous wolf/dog with the omnivourus bear, both species decending from the miacis, it toke the bear at least 25 till 30 million years to develop just one tool which make them an omnivoor !

Concerning the evolutionary diet itself, or supporting that as a part of an evolutionary diet,Your are referring to the work of Mr. R. Coppinger as a scientist.
I'm familiar with his work, and as I see it, Mr. Coppinger is first and for most a writer of books , a musher , and a breeder of Northern sledgedogs who is and was fully supported by the pet food industrie.
And than , after this all, he is a scientist.

So , as with many "writers" of books, so called "scientific" books about dogs diets or the evolution of dogs, he is/was supported by the pet food company's.
Remember the needs to fill the kibble up with left overs from canned veggie industries ! Creating such an animal would be a welcome opportunity to support a big lie.

Thats the point where Coppinger created his so called long gone model of an ancient species between wolf and dog, not really a omnivourous scavanger-hunter , but a disappeared species who was more a omnivore than a carnivore.
Pitty they never found remains of this mysterious go-between, an animal who only lives in the fantasy of a writer-dog-breeder-musher, supported by the pet food industry, but not in the mind of a trough scientifist.

Wolfs and dogs interbreed, also dogs return spontaniously back in wild, where they interbreed back with wolves, very recent real scientific study showed that the black wolf population in the North of the American and Canadian forrests are decendent from black dogs , who returned to the wild , mate with grey wolves, and because of the black skin, that was an very natural couver in the dense and dark woods of those parts of the world.
Please read for that recent documents from the Stanford Univ. dd. 6 februari 2009, also published in science news, title "black wolves may be first genetically modified predators" a part of a complete study called Molecular and evolutionayr history of melanism in North American gray wolves.

Do You, as a veterinarian, really believes that , despite the presence of any fossile remains, their is an ancestor in the dogs evolution, that is an other one than the wolf ?
How do You think this is possible this very , very , very short periode of time that man and is compaignon dog are on planet earth ? Without leaving any tracks , where in the world it may be ?

Looking forward to your answer, best regards


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