[ANSWERED] Ostrich

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[ANSWERED] Ostrich

Berichtdoor Zazou » vr 30 apr, 2010 17:26

Hi Dr. Lyn,

Thanks for coming here and I have already 2 questions for you :D

My dogs are eating Raw Meaty Bones since 2000, but I cannot become pieces of Ostrich, what do you recommend in stead off ? I'm so glad to read on your website en lot of chicken carcasses, because that is what I can become freely, without payment and I was afraid that I give to much Chicken carcasses, but no, what a relief :lol:

What are Pilchards, my dog of nearly 30 kg must have Pilchards x4.

Thanks for reading this and I'm waiting for your answer :D

Truusje and her 2 dogs: Zazou & Hidde, and her 2 cats: Mero & Pjotr.
Groetsels, Zazou.

I love cats and dogs, but rain ... no way !

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Re: Ostrich

Berichtdoor Dr. Lyn Thomson » ma 03 mei, 2010 13:08

Do not worry that you can't get ostrich - our mix is ostrich heart and meat and the cats love it - but it is not essential, just adds a bit of variety.
I think you will easily be able to access game birds, maybe duck/pheasant/quail - these are perfect - just depending on the size of your dog - at 30kg you want pieces 300g or bigger - quail may be a little small but duck or pheasant is good. We base our diets on chicken frames/lamb brisket and green tripe because they are easy to access here with rabbit and hare for variety. Pilchards are small-ish oily fish - approx 100g each. Any oily fish is good, fed approx. once a week.
Hope this is useful - some dogs just won't eat fish - I think it is a texture problem - you can chop them and feed with green tripe - then present them again as a whole fish the next week, eventually they will eat them, just keep trying. Use green tripe to get them to eat anything new !

All the best

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