[ANSWERED] vitamins and minerals

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[ANSWERED] vitamins and minerals

Berichtdoor annemiek h » vr 30 apr, 2010 18:15

First of all a very warm welcome to you Lyn, it's great to have you here :wink:

My first question relates to supplementing (extra) vit's and minerals.
My dogs are mainly fed on wild game (goose,hare,rabbit, pigeons, pheasant, roedeer) all year round.
According to my vet my dogs would benefit if i would supplement vit. E and iodine to their menu.
Vit. E because meat is not rich in vit E and I don't feed any extra's like nuts and vegetables. The iodine because I don't feed seefish every week (but once in 2/3 weeks) and the soil here in Holland is very poor in iodine, so wild game is probably also.
What's your opinion in this?

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Re: vitamins and minerals

Berichtdoor Dr. Lyn Thomson » za 01 mei, 2010 23:12

In my own practice I do not routinely use vitamin or mineral supplementation.
The diet of wild game you are feeding your dog sounds wonderful - and with that variety I would not be suggesting supplementation. Vit E and iodine will be found in the diet - in amounts suitable for the dogs.
I think that as a profession we like to get stuck on the detail - we really don't know how much iodine or vit.E a dog needs and with all the phytonutrients in a varied raw diet, your dogs will be very well nourished. Always remember that meat/bone/marrow/ligaments/tendons/organs/connective tissue/gut contents are rich sources of vitamins and minerals and it would be very hard to predict what might be missing and even harder to predict at what level to supplement.
I am very much of the opinion that nature is a great provider - and getting as close to your dog's natural diet as you can will cover all of your vitamin and mineral requirements.
I hope this helps.

All the best

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