[ANSWERED] Castrated dog

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[ANSWERED] Castrated dog

Berichtdoor Hetty » za 01 mei, 2010 12:58

Welcome and thanks for your time and answers.

I have 2 dogs, 2 males. One of them is castrated over 2 weeks. On 12 Mai.
Have you any suggestions for a proper menu for my neutered dog.


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Re: Castrated dog

Berichtdoor Dr. Lyn Thomson » ma 03 mei, 2010 12:57

The difference will be in how much energy your castrated dog will burn - so really a question of quantity to feed rather than what to feed. I would suggest you feed 2% of bodyweight and monitor his weight. Choose his ideal weight and work out 2% of that - then monitor him, if he is gaining weight, drop to 1% and if losing weight - increase to 3%.
They are all individuals with different metabolic rates, but the best guide is to look at the dog's weight in relation to how much you are feeding.
An entire male is likely to get away with eating more.


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