[ANSWERED] Question about your answer: "stay away from beef"

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[ANSWERED] Question about your answer: "stay away from beef"

Berichtdoor Aquillo » wo 05 mei, 2010 14:35

Dr. Lyn Thomson schreef: I always suggest species appropriate so tend to stay away from beef.

Dear Lyn,

Thank you for your answer about the fast day's. I 'am happy to understand I don't have to worry about their behavior during fast day's en will continue to feed them a little bit on the fast day as they’re feeling more comfortable for this.

But now I have another question about your recommendation not feeding beef.
Why is this?

I feed my dogs so many different kinds of animals as I can lay my hand on.
So far I feed them whole prey rabbits and hare, very young goats or lambs, different kinds of whole fish and salmonheads. Birds without the feathers : Ducks, geese (only the meat), turkey meat and neks, chicken (my dogs don't like to eat feathers)
And then also the meat and organs and green tripe of deer, stag, cow, horse and adult goat.
Here in Holland we don't recomend pork or wild boar even the chance is very little that pigs are infected by Aujetski disease. I will not take a risk at all.

Groetjes, Cynthia


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Re: Question about your answer: "stay away from beef"

Berichtdoor Dr. Lyn Thomson » vr 07 mei, 2010 07:41

In my practice I tend to see a very skewed case load - I end up with all the highly sensitive individuals out there who are on the "allergic spectrum" and as a rule these animals seem to struggle with beef - a high histidine meat - likely to cause inflammation. Lots of robust individuals will do very well on beef/horse/and venison.

All the best

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