[ANSWERED] Worm treatment

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[ANSWERED] Worm treatment

Berichtdoor Yopper » wo 29 jun, 2011 17:39

Maybe this is an easy question for those who have fed their animals raw food for a long time now, but it’s all new to me.
We have wormtreatment-tablets on natural herb base, but they are very expensive, especially because all together our dogs weigh 175 kilograms.

Is it possible to treat dogs for worms on a natural base?
I’ve heard from a therapist that you can make a grinded mix of onions, garlic and carrots which you can add to the dogs food. This mix should kill worms in dogs.
Is this true, and if so, can you tell me what the exact amount of each ingredient is you have to use in the mix? And how frequent should you use this mix?
If this information is incorrect, do you know another way to treat your dog for worms on a natural base?

Kind regards,

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Re: Worm treatment

Berichtdoor Dr. Lyn Thomson » zo 03 jul, 2011 20:25

Hi Anneke,

This is a question with multiple answers as everyone has their own favourite way of worming a dog.

In simple terms, a raw diet will minimize the worm burden in the gut, by itself. The gut will be not such an inviting environment for the worms, and as we are beginning to realize there may be a positive relationship between our mammalian guts, and worms, so a minimal worm burden can be a positive thing.

As a routine, I would suggest a gut cleanse every three to six months. Working out your dogs exposure to worms can be helpful to decide how often to worm him.

If he has lots of fleas he will have a tapeworm burden as the flea carries the tapeworm egg. If he runs at the local park where deer are grazing, he may be ingesting feaces with a high worm burden. If he hunts wild rodents he may also ingest worms.

I use Diatomaceous Earth, food grade only.

For dogs with a high worm burden I suggest three monthly treatment (add to food for one week)

In all other cases, a weekly treatment every six months should be adequate.

The link below is full of info. Including suggested dose rates.

I hope that helps.

Dr Lyn

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